April Classes Recap

This past month we had a new crew of dancers graduate from our Level 1 series. Our newest Lindy Hoppers are doing great. If you see any of them on the dance floor definitely grab them for a dance–they will impress you! Here is a photo we shot after the final class in the series as well as a recap of the final lesson for those who want to practice some more.

In our Level 2 series we worked on our six count patterns. Remember that an easy way to make the math work and stay in time with the music is to do four six count moves as this is the same as three eight count moves (or 16 bars worth of music). We had our Norma Miller, Al Minns, and Dean Collins phrases to play with.

Finally, Ceth, Brittney, and Lark taught our Level 3 Better Charleston series and the “Lookin’ Good and Fancy Footwork” specialty class. Lark took some recap footage of her classes with Ceth.

Stay tuned for next month. We have some awesome classes planned for you guys.