What's happening in March at Boulder Swing Dance

This month we have lots of great stuff happening at Boulder Swing Dance. In addition to a great lineup of classes and instructors we area also holding our “Shiny Stockings” workshop with Mandi Gould. Mandi is a tireless organizer, teacher, and Lindy Hop Ambassador who will help you reconnect to the roots of the dance. We also will be teaching the Tranky Doo and Shim Sham this month–traditional swing line dances that are an essential part of any dancer’s vocabulary. 

Level 1: Intro to Swing Dancing with Krister and Heather

This is our drop-in friendly beginner series. Every week we take you through the basics of Lindy Hop. Each week different moves are introduced. We will have you up and dancing in no time. This is a great way to meet new people in a supportive and friendly environment.

Level 2: Lindy Hop with Krister and Lisa

This month we Krister Shalm and Lisa Newman will be covering essential Lindy Hop patterns including 8-count and 6-count moves and turns. The fifth week of the month we will also be teaching the Shim Sham–the line dance we do at the end of the birthday jam each week. This is a classic solo jazz routine that should be a part of every swing dancer’s repertoire. (Must have completed all the classes in the Level 1 series or obtained the instructors permission). 

Level 3: Meat and Potatoes with Heather and Ceth

You’ve been dancing for awhile now and are ready to take your partnering skills to the next level. You want to make your swing outs feel stretchier and improve your movement across the floor. In this five week series Heather Ballew and Ceth Stifel will work improving your technique, posture, connection, and body movement. Using swing outs, Lindy circles, and other “meat and potatoes” moves you will emerge from this series a better dancer.

Specialty Class: Shag with Ceth and Lisa (March 2,9,16)

Shag is an energetic swing dance that grew up in parallel with Lindy Hop. For the first three weeks of March Ceth Stifel and Lisa Newman will introduce the basics of Shag as well as some fancy fun moves. Open to level 2 and up.

Specialty Class: The Tranky Doo with Ceth and Lisa (March 23, 30)

The Tranky Doo is a fun mob dance originally choreographed by Pepsi Bethel in the 1940s at the Savoy Ballroom. Today it is danced all around the world. Ceth Stifel and Lisa Newman will be teaching this solo jazz routine the last two Mondays of March. Open to level 2 and up.


7-8pm: Level 2 and Level 3
8-9pm: Level 1 and Specialty Class
9-11pm: Social dancing with either live or DJ’ed music.