Monday Recap: Swing Rueda, Live Music, and the best students ever

Our first set of classes and dance got off to a roaring start this past Monday. We welcomed a new crop of swing dancers–many of whom were taking their first Lindy Hop class. Krister and Heather were blown away by how awesome this group is. Next week we have some more fun moves to cover, but in the meantime remember to keep pecking! 

In addition to our regular Level 1, 2, and 3 classes Ceth and Delilah started a fun (and packed) month long Swing Rueda series. Check out the video below that Erika Lenz shot of the class in action. Next week we will continue on with part two of the Swing Rueda, and in the final week during the dance we will give everyone a chance to show off what they have learned.

The dance after class was an incredible success. Jeremy Mohney and his band blew the doors of the place. We are fortunate to have such talented musicians right here in Boulder. So many people stayed right to the end of the dance, and the band played straight through without a break! A number of people also came out for our Balboa room which Vicky Youcha DJ’ed. In the coming months we are going to make the Balboa room a regular event. We are excited by how much interest there is in Balboa right now.

Ceth, Heather, and Delilah double bugging to Jeremy Mohney and his band.

Next week our classes will continue. If you want to take the Level 1 (beginner) series and couldn’t make it last week, you can start this week as well. We will also be running the Balboa room hosted by DJ Teresa Sparks. Monday can’t come soon enough! 

Finally I believe we have the best students and community. There is no other place we’d rather be than sharing our love for this dance with you guys. For those of you just joining us, welcome to the family!

—The BSD Team