What’s happening in February at Boulder Swing

This month we have some great classes and dances planned, as well as a Balboa Bootcamp to get you up and running. We will be kicking our first February Flatiron stomp off in style by dancing to the music of Jeremey Mohney and his Band. If you are just starting out, our Level 1 progressive series will be focusing on partner Charleston and 8-count Lindy Hop. In our Level 2 classes we will be covering some Balboa basics as well as Tandem Charleston.

Our Level 3 class this month is being taught by the wonderful Ceth and Delilah and they will be running a special series on musicality and rhythms. For our specialty drop-in classes Ceth and Delilah will be slowing it down with a special 4-week slow Lindy Hop and Blues routine. More detailed class descriptions are below.

There are also a number of other community organized dances and practice groups happening as well. Check out our Facebook page for more information!

Class Descriptions

Level 1

This 4-week progressive series introduces partnered Charleston and the basics of 8-count Lindy Hop. Each class builds on the previous one. If you are just starting out, this is where you want to be.

Level 2

Balboa and Tandem Charleston. The first two weeks we will cover the basics footwork in Balboa. This is a great series to take, and will help prepare you for our Balboa Bootcamp! The final two weeks of the month we will be focusing on Tandem Charleston and some fun variations.

Level 3: Rockin’ in Rhythm - Rockin’ in Rhythm

Beginner dancers dance at the music. Good dancers dance with the music. Great dancers become a part of the band.

Lindy Hop is a dance full of rhythms. Learning to master these rhythms can take your dancing to a new level. In this level 3 Lindy Hop series Ceth and Delilah will introduce you to new rhythms and show you how to connect them to your feet. Ceth and Delilah are both well-versed in tap dancing and will show you how to incorporate tap steps and other rhythms into your Lindy Hop. Become a soft-shoe (tap) sensei. Stop feeling trapped by the music and instead learn to start being another instrument.

This class will take your musicality to new heights and enable a new relationship between you, your partner, and the music.

Slowin’ it Down

Most swing dancers are comfortable dancing at medium tempos (140-180 bpm), but have difficulty when the music slows down. In this specialty series Ceth and Delilah will show you how to get the most out of your dancing at slower tempos by teaching slow Lindy Hop and Blues technique. The classes will be progressive and structured as a routine. Those people who complete all four weeks will be eligible to perform the routine at the Flatiron Stomp dance on February 24th.

At the end of the month you will be comfortable with dancing to slower music and will learn new partnering and connection skills. While it may seem paradoxical, learning to dance well to slower music can dramatically improve your ability to dance to fast music. Moving slower means you must really focus on your footwork and on how you move with your partner–things that are essential to fast dancing. Learn to dance slow and you learn to dance better at all tempos.