Interview with Delilah Williams

Delilah is an accomplished dancer who teaches Lindy Hop on the national level, and is a regular instructor at Boulder Swing Dance. We sat down to find out more about what makes her tick.

What got you into swing dancing?

My best friend, Kendall, was going. We were both 15 and I really enjoyed dancing (and hanging out with my best friend!) so I gave it a shot.

Tell us about Diamond Dolls and how you got involved with the group? 

Diamond Dolls was started in 2011 from the minds of Becky Vigil, Sara Deckard, and myself. Our mission statement is empowerment through dance. Our vision is to provide equal opportunity to all skill levels to learn and perform various types of dance. Please visit our website for more information or ask me when I am out dancing about! 

You’ve been teaching and training people in dance for some time now. What are some of the things you love about teaching?

I like it when I make a difference and can see the idea click in their head. It's a great feeling!

Do you have anyone who is a dance inspiration/role model to you?

Inflatable dancing men. Babies when they dance. Dogs when they scoot on the floor. All are magical.

What other things do you enjoy doing besides dancing?

My hobbies include: laying on the couch with my dog, laying on the couch with my dog watching TV, and laying on my couch with my dog watching TV while crocheting. I am starting parkour as well to give my couch a break. 

You can do some mean body rolls. Do you have any other favorite dance moves?

Easy. I have four favorite dance moves. Body roll right, body roll left, body roll up, and body roll down. Oh and the baby dance.