Heather Ballew

Heather Ballew started dancing swing in Denver in 1996.  A participant of the 1990's swing renaissance, Heather spent many years performing and competing with Denver swing dance troupe, 23 Skidoo.  In the classroom, she strives to help her students gain confidence and have fun on the social dance floor but her biggest goal is to open up new avenues for creativity and communication within the partnership. She loves dancing with people of all levels and she is known for her connection, footwork and playfulness.


Krister Shalm

Krister Shalm is the lead organizer and teacher for Boulder Swing Dance.  He started swing dancing in Toronto. A quantum physicist by day and dance teacher by night, Krister’s infectious energy and love for dance put people at ease and keep them coming back to learn more.  Krister is a master at making complex concepts fun and easy to understand. Over the years, Krister has done countless performances – usually of the comedic variety. He does not like to compete as a dancer but if there is music playing he cannot sit still.


Freeman Bacon

Freeman Bacon is a professional swing and jazz dancer specializing in Lindy Hop and Charleston as well as other dances of the Jazz Era. His passion has taken him around the U.S., as well as to Sweden, France, Germany, and Italy to train, compete, perform, and instruct. He also have several years’ experience teaching dance to younger age groups, from 4 to 19 years old, primarily in public schools. I do supplementary training in many styles including Rhythm Tap, Balboa, Blues / Slow Drag, Collegiate Shag, West Coast Swing, Fusion, and funk styles such as Popping and Hip Hop.