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Slow Dance Workshop

  • Kake's Studios 2115 Pearl Street Boulder, CO, 80302 United States (map)

Sometimes a slower swing, jazz, or blues tune comes on and it just doesn’t feel right to Charleston and even swinging out is a challenge. Slow dancing (typically 110 beats per minute or slower) is a great time to really listen to the music and your partner, work on good balance, and bust out some smooth moves and fun connection play!

This workshop Freeman will introduce current swing dancers to the shared roots of blues and swing, how to slow down and control your swing moves, and how to add other movement ideas that are complementary to slower tempos. And even if you don’t like slow dancing, working on slow technique will absolutely improve your dancing across all tempos.

This workshop will run from 12:30-3:30 PM on Sunday, April 9th at Kake's Studios. This is a focused 3-hour class so bring a drink/snack if you wish and get ready to improve your slow dancing!

Class 1 – Slow Dance Basics

To get started we’re going to warm up and “find our Zen” before exploring some new vocabulary to add to our partnered swing movement, such as the Slow Drag, Box Step, Pivots, and the Grapevine. We’ll work on how to create a unique slow dance using these different tools and how to flow through the moves you already know in swing.

Class 2 – Smooth Moves and Turns

When you get the hang of it, slow dancing is the most fun for practicing your more creative connection-based moves. This class inspired by Spirit Moves will show some fancy slow moves that are fun, challenging, eye-opening, and even mind-boggling.

Class 3 – Fun With Musicality

It’s about you, your partner, the music, and the movement. We’ll go over ways to move your own body to the music in more subtle ways with vernacular jazz and blues movement. Get ready to shimmy, shake, and roll.


$35 ($30 for students) or 3 punches on your BSD punch card
Experience Required: It is recommended that you have 4 or more months of progressive swing dance classes to take this workshop. You should be comfortable with 8-count and 6-count swing basics: swingout, circle, promenade, side pass (L or R with turns), send out/bring in, and the sugar push. Knowing these will allow you to adapt quickly to this new material.

Earlier Event: April 5
Later Event: April 10
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