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What is a Dance Ambassador?

Dance ambassadors play an important role at Boulder Swing. They serve as hosts and points of contact for new dancers, as well as role models in classes.

What is the inspiration behind the dance ambassador program?

Frankie Manning, one of the original swing dancers from the Savoy ballroom in Harlem, traveled the world teaching Lindy Hop right up until his death at the age of 94. His joy and infectious enthusiasm made him a true ambassador of Lindy Hop. You can read more about him in his book "Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop."

Roles and Responsibilities

Approximately once a month you will serve as an ambassador. This involves taking the Level 1 class and meeting the new students. Then, at the dance afterward, your job is to interact and or dance with new dancers or visitors for at least the first 30 minutes. Any night you ambassador, you will get into the dance and other classes offered for free.

We also strongly encourage all of our dance ambassadors to complete both Level 1 and Level 1.5 in both the leader and follower roles.


You must have completed Level 1 and Level 1.5. A great ambassador is someone who is friendly, welcoming, and cares about improving our community. We are also looking for people who want to improve the quality of their dancing. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply below.

How many spots are there?

This year there will be a total of 16 dance ambassador positions available. We expect to receive more applications than spots.


We are looking to launch the next dance ambassador session in February.


Sarah Siertle is our dance ambassador coordinator. If you have questions, reach out to her at


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