Flatiron Somp

  • Kakes Studios 2115 Pearl St Boulder, CO, 80302 United States

Get your swing on Monday night in Boulder! We offer a great line up of classes and a friendly place to dance and meet new people. Lessons run from 7:00-9:00pm and the dance goes from 9:00-11:00pm.


This month Krister, Heather, Ceth, and Brittney will be teaching the classes.

* Level 2 Six Count Lindy Hop with Krister and Heather
* Level 3 Fancy Charleston with Ceth and Brittney

* Level 1 Intro to Swing with Krister and Heather
* Lookin’ Good and Fancy Footwork with Ceth and Brittney


Each Lesson is $15 or a single punch on your BSD card. Dance is $5 or a single punch on your BSD card (Free if you take a class)